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The Ready to Wear dresses are made to standard measurements.  Be sure to check the chart below when ordering to make sure it fits your skater.


Ready to Wear items are made according to standard measurements.  We provide the unstretched measurements on each item as a guide.  Your own skater's measurements should be 1-4" larger than the unstretched measurements for a proper fit.

How to get the proper measurements




Measure at the fullest part of the chest, just under the arms.

Measure at the smallest part of the waist, usually right at or just above the belly button.

Have the skater stand with their feet together and measure at the fullest part of the hips.

Standard Measurements


Place the end of the measuring tape at the shoulder.  Go down the center of the body, through the legs and back up (pressing it in to the curve of the back) to meet the other end.

      Dress Care

Do NOT machine wash your dress.  If you must wash it, we recommend hand-washing with a gentle soap like Dreft, rinse and either lay it out on a towel or hang to dry.  If the dress is adorned with rhinestones, do not Dry Clean as the dry cleaning process can deteriorate the adhesives used to hold the stones.  In most cases, you don't need to wash the dress at all.  That's the glory of cold ice arenas and 2-4 minute programs!

        Dress Storage


If your dress has mesh or light weight fabric over the shoulders, it can get stretched out on a hanger.  So, it may be best to fold it gently and store it ​lying flat.  Before you wear it, hang it back up a few days in advance to let any wrinkles work their way out before performance time.  Or, if you have a fabric steamer, a little steam will work out any wrinkles in a jiffy.

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