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Looking for that one of a kind dress, made to order, to fit your unique style and measurements?  That's what we specialize in!

The Custom Dress Process

I'd like to order a custom made dress, so now what?


Most of our creations are custom-made, unique to you and your skating program.  We can make anything from the simplest practice dress, to the most elaborate freestyle creation, plain or covered in glitz, dance length or regular.  Custom orders require a minimum 6 week notice.  If you want a custom creation, here's what we'll do:

Step #1:  Tell us what you have in mind.


What is your music?  Tell us so we can pull it up and listen or send us a clip.  Music can bring to mind all kinds of ideas and colors and it's important that your dress matching the mood and theme of your music selection.


Do you have a favorite color you really want to use?  Do you only like long sleeves?  No sleeves?  Do you have a specific design in mind?  Send us a drawing or sketch, or a picture of something you've found.  Again, we won't copy it exactly, but we'll use it for inspiration.

Step #2:  The Design


We'll draw up a design, incorporating all of your ideas, your music, your colors and email it to you for your review.  You may like it, or not.  You may like parts of it, but wish to change something.  That's fine.  We'll make adjustments.


Once you approve the design, we'll start looking for fabric that most closely resembles the colors and style you envisioned.  We purchase from several fabric distributors across the country who have quite a variety of colors, styles and weights.  Once we find something, we'll either show you a clip or sample via email or in person.


Then we get your measurements.  If you're near us, we'll meet with you to take them ourselves.  If not, please have someone take the measurements for you and send them to us.  Don't worry, we'll give you a guide to help you along to make sure you get them right.


At this point we'll need a 50% downpayment before we order the fabric.  The downpayment is non-refundable, but is applied to the total price of the item.

Step #3:  Pattern Creation and Assembly


While we wait for the fabric to arrive, we create a custom pattern to fit your measurements and the design of your dress.  Then we cut out the fabric and assemble your dress.  If you live nearby, we will often contact you for a fitting. If you don't live nearby, don't worry. We've done many dresses for customers that live no where near us and as long as the measurements are accurate, your dress should fit just fine.


After the dress is together, we'll decorate it if you've chosen to add rhinestones or other embellishments.  Then we'll send you an invoice for the final total via email or USPS.  You send us a check, or contact us with credit card information, and we'll ship your dress to you as soon as payment is received.

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