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We are Sacks N Brand, or to be more specific: Gunvor Sacks and Laurie Brand and we have a lot in common. Both of us are mothers of two figure skating daughters and both of us love to sew. So, ever since those little girls set out on the ice, they have been wearing custom-made figure skating apparel, made with love by Mom. We met when two of our daughters joined the same synchronized skating team. Soon the coach had asked us if we'd be interested in making the team's dresses. Now, many years later, those same daughters have graduated high school and college, and we have made over 150 dresses for various teams.

But synchronized isn't our only forte and we each love to design and sew everything from the most simple practice attire up to the most intricate, character costume. We create our own designs, construct our own patterns and use a wide variety of methods to create unique and fashionable designs.

After hearing the phrase, "wow, what beautiful dresses, you two should go into business" for about the fiftieth time, we thought we'd make a go of it and hence, Sacks N Brand Ice Designs came to be!

We don't employ a crew of people, except on the rare occasions when we rope our daughters or husbands into helping make a run to the fabric store or tag and photograph dresses. Our sewing centers consists of the diningroom table or a spare bedroom and we like to frighten the family by setting up mannequins in the house and having our spouses scream in the middle of the night when they think there's an intruder in the hallway!! To satisfy our daughters' skating addiction, we do have to maintain our regular full-time employment, but the rest of the time we are usually hibernating in our sewing rooms and are occasionally thrown scraps of food by the family.

Also, in case you didn't notice, we enjoy a good laugh!

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